We recommend reading this page in its entirety before the day of the race. The entire website gives a glimpse into the race including clues and information that will help your team.

The Great Boomerang Quest is a scavenger hunt across Twin Falls. made up of many teams of 4 competing to earn the most points and claim the champion title, trophy, and prize package valued at over $500 per person.

Each team will be required to search for clues and perform tasks at local attractions, landmarks, and local businesses. The harder the task, the more points there are to earn. Each team must use the provided passport to collect photos, signature, and stickers depending on the location to collect the points.

The team with the most points at the end of the hunt will win the prize package. In the case of a tie, there will be a final competition to confirm the winning team.

Teams will meet at Boomerang Coffee Co. at 2pm on Saturday June 24th to receive instructions, swag, drinks, and the first clue. The first clue will lead you to your team’s passport book that will guide you to locations within Twin Falls city limits. The passport will include locations to visit, tasks to complete (if there are any), point values, and instructions on collecting the points. Read closely as if the instructions are not followed correctly points will not be awarded.

The race will end promptly at 5pm. All teams must return to Boomerang Coffee Co. with all required items before the timer ends, or all points will be forfeited. At this time the judges will tally the points and announce a winner.

Follow our social media for hints on prizes, possible clues, and partner names and locations.

We are super excited to have you  join the race. Here are a few things before you continue on with registration. In order to participate you must be 15 years of age or older OR have a member of the team over the age of 18. All team members must fill out the registration forms and complete the payment process before participating in this event. Failure to complete any of the forms or payment will disqualify you from participating. Registration fees are $19 for a team of four OR $6 per individual person. Fees will cover the cost of your team’s T-shirts , swag, prizes, drinks, and needed items for the scavenger hunt. Remember that you will be out in the community and you must respect the rules of the law as well. Use precautions when necessary (example: crossing a street, driving etc.). Boomerang Coffee Co. reserves the right to deny your team’s entry if the rules cannot be followed. Boomerang Coffee Co. Is not liable for any injury caused during participation of the event. Although everything in our game is safe, play at your own risk.

Your Registration Includes:

Small Team Package – $19

  • Entry to the scavenger hunt
  • Small swag bag with items from Boomerang Coffee Co.
  • Drink of choice for each team member
  • Fun activities around the community
  • Chance to win a prize package valued at over $500


Large Team Package – $59 SOLD OUT

  • Entry to the scavenger hunt
  • T-Shirt for each team member (up to four)
  • Large swag bag with items from Boomerang Coffee Co. AND our partners
  • Drink of choice for each team member
  • Fun activities around the community
  • Chance to win a prize package valued at over $500

If you sign up as an individual, list the team you will be joining. If you do not have a team of 4 we can assign you to a team, please include that in the notes at checkout if you’re interested.

If individual list other team members that signed up to ensure you are paired correctly.

Please list your t-shirt size. If you signed up as a team please list all 4 team members sizes. If signed up as an individual please only list your size. T-shirts will be a basic men’s tee.

On the registration page, scan the QR code for more details.

Please click the cart in the top right corner of the registration page to check out.

All sales are final, and Boomerang Coffee Co. does not offer any money-back guarantees unless the event is canceled.

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Learn about our partners

Are partners are more involved than just providing prizes. They are part of the scavenger hunt. Learn about them to have an advantage.

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