Twin Falls first and only zoo located inside Magic Valley Mall.

1485 Pole Line Rd E, Twin Falls, ID 83301


helping to keep our world wild.

About Twin Falls Zoological Center

Our Mission:

Twin Falls Zoological Center exists solely for the purpose of educating our community on the wonders and importance of protecting our natural resources by creating unforgettable interactions. As a resource for both the private and public sector in the state of Idaho and beyond, we are committed not only to the conservation of our native wildlife, but of ecosystems worldwide. Through local efforts in education and hands-on experiences, we hope to empower our guests with a new understanding regarding the value of protecting our natural resources and living ecosystems. After all, “we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught” – Baba Dioum, 1968.

Our Purpose:

In an effort to maintain and preserve animal populations in the wild, Twin Falls Zoological Center will provide a learning experience for our guests through the use of captivating hands- on and interactive displays where animals will be exhibited within a space that directly resembles their native habitat, encouraging and inspiring future generations to recognize the value of our natural world. As a resource for Local, State, and Federal agencies, we believe that through our continued efforts in providing proper education, we can play a direct part in protecting our planet and its wildlife.

Our Values:

At Twin Falls Zoological Center, we are driven by respect for native and exotic wildlife, a passion for education and understanding, a standard of safety for all of our guests, animals, volunteers, and staff members, and the hope of a better future for our planet.

helping to keep our world wild.

Twin Falls Zoological Center



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