Ethically Sourced

Locally Roasted

Our coffee is ethically sourced then roasted right here in Twin Falls.

Never shortcuts

Handmade Ingreidents

We hand-make every drink from the espresso shots to the infusion of flavor. Never push button coffee.

Tell us how you want it

Custom Made

We make each drink to order. Don't like sweet drinks? Just tell us. Want your drink sweeter? Tell us.


Nothing beats a cold morning like a hot latte. We have many options from a plain latte to our signature candy bar flavor. We can make exactly what you're looking for.


Our iced espresso drinks come in all the same flavors but much more refreshing on a hot day. Try any of our drinks with our optimal milk options, we have something for everyone.


Blended drinks are the ultimate treat. We always add real coffee and additional sauces and syrups to each of blended drinks. It is not straight from the bag as is.


Yes we have fresh brewed drip coffee all day. We do serve Americanos as well but a good old fashioned drip coffee always hits the spot.